My butt, January 2009

My butt,  January 2009
(who could miss it)

My butt, January 2010

My butt, January 2010
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In 2009 I lost 40 lbs and I got a new butt. How? Diet and exercise, that's the short answer. But all of the things I learned that made it emotionally possible, that allowed me to succeed when I had failed before - that will take longer. This blog celebrates the intelligence of the body. Please leave me a note to let me know what you think of this writing, if it's been helpful. I welcome your input and experience.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sometimes better is best.

Remember I said I wouldn't eat any cheese during my pre-pre fast?

Tonight I'm making yogurt, and the milk has been so milky as I've heated and stirred it ... mmm...

I don't make a habit of snacking on cheese (I had to give that up with other bad eating habits last year; cheese can be as bad as ice cream), but I have cheese with meals, especially vegetable soups or dals.  I've currently come to love queso fresco, and it's fun trying different varieties our local Fiesta Mart has on hand.  The brand I served up tonight, and it's great, is La Vaquita Fresh Salvadorian Style Cheese, Houston.  This link has an interesting story about the family that produces it.  Very milky!  Fresh cheeses are so fresh-tasting.

Yes, I am stalling from the point.

So, there was about 1 1/2 serving of the round left and I cut it up in little pieces and ate one of them, serving the rest to Tom, bless him, for we've gotten off our meal routine today and have gone past dinner.  And we shared the last piece.  I probably ate 1/5 of an ounce of this dense and delicious food, and really enjoyed the taste.  It's still in my mouth because of it's density.

So here's why better is sometimes best.

Although I chose contrary to my guideline (very un-aesthetic of me, un-puritan, imperfect and typical), I practiced new eating skills:  cutting and eating a smaller portion of (a historically binge) food, tying the evening's peaceful, pleasing milk and yogurt vibe with a celebratory food, and then writing about it.  Well, I guess that last's not an eating skill.  I digress.  Cheese makes me dreamy.

Although good may be the enemy of great when speaking of art, science, and romance, I think that better may sometimes be best in the realm of transformational development.

Later, Jenni

P.S. You know how homeopathy proposes that plant and other natural substances can be so profound in their impact that smaller amounts have the highest healing properties - to the point that some homeopathic remedies are based on plant or other essences that are nearly not there at all?  I think the same may be true for cheese ...  maybe chocolate too ...

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  1. I think your P.S. may be right, as long as the minuscule amount does not set up a craving. In that case, abstinence, which is hard, may be necessary. Sometimes, for me, a little piece one day turns into a larger piece the next, etc. until two weeks or a month have passed, then I wonder why I feel sick, have not lost a pound, or gained weight.

    I can count on certain foods like sugar and chocolate to trigger a craving. Today it is best I abstain. After all my goal here is to experience my own brillant butt weight loss.