My butt, January 2009

My butt,  January 2009
(who could miss it)

My butt, January 2010

My butt, January 2010
photos by Tom Peal

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In 2009 I lost 40 lbs and I got a new butt. How? Diet and exercise, that's the short answer. But all of the things I learned that made it emotionally possible, that allowed me to succeed when I had failed before - that will take longer. This blog celebrates the intelligence of the body. Please leave me a note to let me know what you think of this writing, if it's been helpful. I welcome your input and experience.

Monday, April 5, 2010

And now it's Monday ...

The 3 Days to Vitality juice fast and break-fast are over.  I weighed 5 pounds less on Saturday (from a week's program.)  But this morning the scale gave me two back.  Well, it wasn't the scale - it was all the food I ate yesterday, and the fact that I hadn't pooped in two days.  Since we're sharing our lives here ...

Anyway, I had no business weighing on a Monday morning since Saturdays are my weigh-in days.  I was curious.  Saturday was my break-fast, and I followed it by the book, easing into solid foods with fruit and cooked veggies during the day and some protein that night.  But Sunday held three high-energy professional commitments (and the Deep Ellum Arts Festival), and I was famished.  Gyro, including bread (gasp) for lunch and late night restaurant food.  And a martini (with great jazz.)

Oh well, I don't live to eat, I eat to live.  I've heard that used as a complaint: "They live to eat ..." ; it meant somebody ate too much, at the expense of their health or manners or good looks.  But now I see it works both ways.  I can't hover over my plate forever as I have done on the juice fast.  In fact, I think that obsession with food and eating can take many forms.

All is well today, I don't care about the scale - I feel strong and light from the fast and Major Poop came to save the day right on schedule.  I did some good journaling and meditation during the week and got all my work done.  Thanks for walking with me.

The last of three of Serure's journalling exercises I did was "I choose."  I just listed things I want in my life from the perspective of a person in control.  Like I can just choose anything.  And it's more than words on paper.  I keep remembering them during typical awake brain moments - - transitional thought moments that so often can be occupied with worry, obsession, emotionality, comparing ...

Here are some of my choices.  I choose to trust myself and accept myself every day.  I choose to be present with people and accept them unconditionally.  I choose to dis-associate myself from my pain body.  I choose to choose.

It's funny how that thing about people kept coming back to me yesterday, mixed with the idea from The Power of Now of simply being present.  Accepting the moment and people in the moment just the way they are is more than a feel-good psych fake-out.  It helps me find my place in the world and be happy.   That's what's meant by "peace of mind," I think.

Let me know how things are going with you, dear fellow Transformational Specialist.

Later, Jenni


  1. Jenni, your blog inspired me beginning with the pre-pre-fast. I lost ten pounds. I let go of eating foods that make me feel bad, and re-established the habit of being true and good to myself through the foods I eat.

    Thank you for taking me on your journey. Now, I am a bigger fan then ever...just a few pounds lighter!

  2. I am so happy that you're feeling better, Rebakah! I love how you descibed "the habit of being true and good ..." Thanks for the kind words. Jenni